What equipment do you use?

How long have you done photography?







Do you have a degree in photography?


Why did you become a photographer?






Do you use film?

I'm a big fan of Canon! Currently, I have a Canon 80D and my favorite lens is 15-180 MM. My film camera is a Canon AE-1. I also have a GoPro, which I want to start utilizing in more experimental shoots.​

I've been interested in photography​ since I was eight years old. I started freelancing when I was thirteen. At eighteen, I joined my university's student paper as a freelance photographer. At nineteen I started taking my freelance business more seriously.

I do! I graduated with my Bachelor's of Science in Photography from Northern Michigan University in May 2019.​

I'm not sure if I have a straight answer for that question. I think that I have always seen the world differently. I see light and shadow and composition. Becoming a photographer helped me explain to others how I see things every day.​

Not frequently, but I do. I love shooting with film because, when the photos are developed, it's like a big surprise! My least favorite part about shooting film is developing it myself. I will generally send it out to another company to develop.


How long have you been a writer?






What books have you written?






Do you have a degree in writing?





Why did you become a writer?






Do you do school and/or library visits?




Can I have a signed book?

I've been a writer just about as long as I've been alive, if you can believe it or not. I started writing my first book at the age of thirteen, after starting many different projects before that.

Thus far, I've written lots of books and have a multitude of ideas. The books that I have published, however, include Blue Vigilante and The Survivor Project.

I do! I graduated with my Bachelor's of Science in English Writing from Northern Michigan University in May 2019.

Truthfully, I became a writer to get all of the stories in my head out of my head. Putting them pen to paper and being able to share them is a great experience.

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As of May 2020, there are unfortunately no signed books available.